How To React If Your Child Breaks A Tooth?

Falling from a bike, nudging at basketball, or even fighting in the schoolyard, there are many situations that can cause dental shock in a child’s life. How to react to a fractured tooth?

Your child has suffered a dental shock and all or part of one of his incisors - this is the most common - is broken. Whether it is a small broken tooth or a fully expelled tooth, we must try to recover the missing part, the small end can be glued and the tooth reinserted.

In saliva or in milk

For the fully expelled tooth, the conservation medium is important. The idea is to keep it in the child’s saliva. Before it was advised to replace the tooth in the child’s mouth, but he can refuse because it disgusts him, and there is a risk that he will swallow it. You can, therefore, spit the small in a container to place the quote. Another acceptable solution, milk is a good preservative.

What must be avoided at all costs is “leave the tooth in the air, even in a handkerchief, or in the water,” he said. In fact, “in the air, the tooth dries up, the cells become mortified, and the chances of keeping it alive are reduced.” Water is a medium of composition too different from that of saliva, which creates a molecular explosion and accelerates mortification.

Save the tooth

If you follow these tips and the reimplantation takes place within two hours of the shock, it is possible to save the tooth. Stabilized with the surrounding teeth, it is rewound to the bone and new blood vessels and nerves grow back. It’s pretty miraculous. Monitoring is put in place for at least three months to ensure that the tooth has remained alive.

If the tooth is simply dislocated, that is to say, that it has moved in the bone, it should also be consulted quickly because it can be replaced and keep its vitality. But the gesture must be made quickly.

Note: baby teeth on their side are not re-implantable because the risk of mortification is great. They are indeed destined to fall one day. On the other hand, if a baby tooth has suffered a shock, the germ of the final tooth, which is underneath, must be subject to radiological monitoring because it can be damaged.

Keep calm! There is often a lot of blood when a child breaks a tooth or a piece of baby tooth but this does not in any way prejudge the severity of the injury.

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