Coronavirus: What To Do If You Need To Go To The Dentist?

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Toothache, broken tooth, decay, infection ... With the confinement linked to the coronavirus epidemic, the conditions for consulting dentists have changed. A single telephone number regulates access to dental offices. How to make an appointment? For what dental “emergencies”?

They are not the most cited among the frontline professions in this health crisis linked to the COVID-19 epidemic, but they are nevertheless those who exercise the profession most at risk: dentists.

They intervene specifically where the virus lodges, and they cannot in any way keep their distance during their operations. However, retreating is not an option.

Confined or not, you have a toothache, you need a dentist. The idea is to relieve patients, as do all caregivers at the moment. After, it is obvious that one must take the maximum precaution to avoid contamination.

Emergencies only

And for this, the national order has set up a new course of care that the departmental orders are responsible for enforcing.

The strategy is that of the establishment of a system of permanence with each day.

The rotation is done in alphabetical order. “We protect colleagues with pathologies or sisters who are pregnant or with children, and we have no problem mobilizing.

The permanence system is only possible because dentists, who are not on duty if they unplug the chair that day, do not lower the curtain. They are called upon to ensure a regulatory mission with the invited patients, therefore, to contact their usual practitioner or the one closest to their home, and especially not to go to the emergency room or the EMS. Even less to contact the order of dental surgeons directly, which would only have the effect of disrupting the organization?

Dentists in the offices make a first referral to sort between urgent care and those that are less. If necessary, the dentist makes a prescription and addresses the patient to his colleague on duty via a regulator responsible for receiving calls in the offices of the departmental council.

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